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2019-20 RI Science & Engineering Fair (RISEF): Home

Treasure Hunt: Discover GREAT Sources and Save Them (their citations) !!!


Locateand Print Different Source Types

nonfiction books (chapter)                                                                                          Create a  Works Cited Page

encyclopedia/reference articles                                                                                   Copy/make a Citation for Each Source

magazine and newspaper articles                                                                               Final Draft: ONLY keep the citations for the sources referred to in paper!

reputable/scholarly websites                                                                                       Citations = What are they anyhow?

Research Paper Requirements

* 3  page double spaced research paper, 12 point, Times New Roman font


* Minimum of 5 sources listed on Works Cited Page

(Mix & Match format/type; at least three (3) different types of sources required!)

* book,* reference/encyclopedia article (print or electronic), *journal article, *news article, *academic website, *interview


MLA (Modern Language Assoc.) 8th Edition Format 

created using Noodletools 


Steps to Research Success!

    1. Research Question Approved

___  2. Mark Calendar for Project Due Dates!

___  3. Register for  Account (Citation generator)

___  4. Develop Search Terms & "Search Phrases" from research questions

___  5. Use Search Terms & "Phrases" to locate book & e-sources; PRINT & copy citations as you go!

___  6. Search for and select an Academic Website for your paper

___  7. Print, read, & highlight all 5 sources (2-3 interesting points/source only!)

___  8. Organize highlighted information onto color coded note cards, a graphic organizer or

            outline paraphrasing important facts and ideas

___  9. Write 1st draft & print out Works Cited page; match in-text citations to full citations

___ 10. Final draft.  Read out loud, make small corrections, & upload paper to .  Hand in!


Information Literacy/Research Goals

e-Searching Skills

Advanced/Power Searching ->  Combining Search Term & "Search Phrase(s)"


  Access E-Sources Remotely (off-campus) Logins     


Locate & Use Database "e-Tools" = Email/Print /Citations     


  STEP I:     Citation Generator: REGISTER NOW!

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