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Paper Requirements

Original Topic: Approved by Ms. Carpenter

3-5 pages (minimum of 5 paragraphs)

Last page = Works Cited (List of sources mentioned in paper!) using MLA 8th Ed. Format

Minimum of 2 database sources

Ms. Carpenter's Handout Assignment

Topic of Your Choice!

Goal #1: Library/Research

1.  Register everyone with a Noodletools Account

MLA 8th Ed. Citation Generator

2.  Practice "Quick Cite" Shortcut for Copying & Pasting Database Citations

& Using ISBN to locate Book Sources !

3. Review how to "Print & Export" Works Cited Page to GoogleDocs


Goal #2: Library/Research - Advanced Database Searching

1) Choose 2 database collections that are likely to provide quality information about your topic

2) Do Advanced Searching within databases combining a general keyword topic with a subtopic keyword

3) CONTROL Search to retrieve "Articles" only and CONTROL for date of publication!

4) Once you have an interesting article, open the link and do the Ctrl F Test to see how many times your term/phrase appears in the article

5) SAVE database source(s) by emailing  & printing

6) Capture/copy MLA 8th Edition citations for each of your sources and paste into Noodletools

LSA Library Database Page