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Museums and Schools of Art have developed sophisticated websites and galleries featuring pieces in their collections and special exhibits.  If you can't visit in person, visit one of the following four websites depending upon: 1) where the artist was born and 2) what time period/movement they represent.

a) For American-born artists visit   The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

b) For Modern artists (international and U.S) visit MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, NYC

c) Can't find them? Visit Artcyclopedia for collections of sculpture around the world or Great Buildings Collection for architecture


For each webpage you use for your project, gather & type into EasyBib:

1) name of author/webmaster for article or webpage (bottom of webpage or article)

2) title of webpage you read/ found image on

3) title of website the webpage is found in (top left corner)

4) name of the sponsor for the website - who published it on the web? ("About Us" tab)

5) date website was last update/revised (bottom of homepage or article)

Types of 3-Dimensional Art

Fine Art Modern Sculptures                                                     Fine Art Assemblages

Fine Art Organic Sculptures                                                    Fine Art Box Assemblages

Fine Art Mixed Media Sculptures                                             Fashioin Sculpture

Fine Art Abstract Sculptures                                                    Fine Art and Fiber Art

Environmental Design                                                            Interior and display Design      

Guggenheim Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1956