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Freshman Orientation #2: Scholarly Websites: Home

TODAY: Evalutating Websites

Goals for TODAY's workshop:

Learn to Evaluate Websites for School Use/Projects

Locate Academic Websites by controlling for domain

Identify Website Citation information & create a citation using MLA 7th ed. formatting rules

Website Evaluation as Simple as ABCD

Authority – Site lists the author credentials and has a preferable domain (ex. .gov, .edu).

Bias -  Site provides accurate information with limited advertising and it is objective/not biased in presenting the information.

Currency – Site is current and updated regularly (as stated on the page) and the links (if any) are also up-to-date.

Design – Site is professional, easy to navigate and free from spelling/grammatical errors.


Website citations require that the Author/webmaster, sponsoring organization, and update info. be located on the homepage or "About Us" tab


control site/domain

.edu    .org   or  .gov



Video: INSPECT Carefully before You COMMIT (to a website!)

Locating Critical Website Citation Information: NO URLS!!

You will need to locate the following information if you are going to use a website for a school project or paper.  Most importantly, aim to find websites that have identified a person (webmaster, author, editor) who is responsible for the site. Also, carefully scrutinize the mission of the publisher/sponsor of the website to determine if they might have a biased point of view.  You can discover this often by visiting the "About Us" tab in most websites.

To cite a website in MLA 7th ed. (Modern Language Association 7th edition citation format), locate:

1) webmaster, author, or editor's name

2) "Title of webpage or artice viewed"

3) Title of website that the webpage is found within

4) Sponsor/publisher's name

5) Date that the website was last updated or created

6) Date that you accessed the website


Proper MLA Format:
Author/webmaster's Last Name, First Name. "Title

      of webpage or article read." Title of Website. Sponsoring organization, Date webpage  

      was updated/published (day month year). Web. Date that you accessed this website.




"Harper Lee"

"Joyce Carol Oates"



HOMEWORK: Locate a GREAT Website

Use:  Google ADVANCED Search to control results for websites with .edu, gov, or .org domains.

Topics/Search Terms to use: 

"great depression"

World Wide Web