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Richardson: Periods A, B & D: Morality Paper: Home

Mr. Richardson's Handout

Source Requirements

  • 5 Sources
  • No more than 2 websites

Paper Requirements

  •  Five pages, double spaced
  •  MLA Format
  •  In-text Citations
  •  Works Cited Page/Bibliograpy
  •  Paper Due:  Tuesday, Oct. 29  (Period A)
  •  Paper Due:  Wednesday, Oct. 30 (Period B & D)   

Morality Paper

Four Sections of Morality Paper

The body of your paper should contain the following sections:

1. Pros

2. Cons

3. Catholic view

4. How it relates to you

Steps in Research Process

  1. Begin research - find 5 sources 
  2. Enter your sources into Easy Bib  - Copy & Paste (all 59 options) when possible.
  3. Print Articles
  4. Begin highlighting important ideas with highlighter.
  5. Take notes (paraphrase - put information in your own words and sentence structure - see Paraphrasing tab for help)
  6. Write rough draft and include in-text citations as you write.
  7. Proofread by reading it aloud - does it make sense and flow smoothly.
  8. Copy and paste "Works Cited" page from EasyBib into your paper (no earlier than page 6).
  9. Print entire paper and staple.
  10. Relax!