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Hobday: E-Searching America - 1850s -> Early 1900s: Subject Databases

TIP 1: Databases Usually Include Multi-Format Sources

Database: "a large collection of data organized especially for rapid search and retrieval (as by computer)".  

                                                               Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 11th ed.


Database "collections"  are usually Subject/Topic specific

Databases usually contain a variety of resource types about each topic such as:

reference articles

academic journal articles

newspaper articles

magazine articles


video clips

audio clips

primary sources



Databases usually also provide e-tools such as e-mail and citation support!

REMOTE Access Off-Campus Logins

To access these periodical databases from home, you will need the LSA database passwords.  If you forgot the passwords, they are available on the EDLINE Library Resources page. Log into EDLINE; Go to "My Edline"; Under your classes you will see the link for "Library Resources".

To get to EDLINE, click here.

TIP 2: Database Advanced Search Options & E-TOOLS!

Locate the TOOLS BOX and USE them!!!

Advanced Search tools      E-mail tool      Print tool      Citation tool     &  more!


Select KEYWORD or SUBJECT search options!

Databases: History