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Hobday: E-Searching America - 1850s -> Early 1900s: Academic Websites

TIP 1: Evaluating & Identifying Scholarly Websites

    Quick Focus For Quality

WARNING: All websites are not scholarly!

[a.k.a. acceptable for school projects]

The following are  "giveaways" that you need to carefully scrutinize your websource:

   Web address (URL) includes words unrelated to what you are studying

   The site is an "answer engine" (e.g. Yahoo answers, etc).  Search by keywords not by questions!

   The site is a blog

   The website contains inflammatory language or absolute opinions

   The website has not been updated within the last year

   The website contains spelling/grammatical errors

   The site has ads, popups, subscriptions, or charges you for info

   The information cites Wikipedia only.  Wikipedia is a good starting place, use additional electronic and print sources to locate more information!

TIP 2: Use Related Terms and "Phrases" to Search


Gather Related Terms & Phrases As You Go!