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Hobday: E-Searching America - 1850s -> Early 1900s: Print Reference


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5 TIPS in One: Searching the Library Catalog

Locating Reference Sources in the Library Catalog:

1) Use Advanced Search so you can combine terms  [Open the Advanced Search link & in the next box Select the "Power" tab

2) Do a Keyword Search by typing in one of your general terms (one word) or "phrases - 2+ words" in box 1

3) Type in the term encylopedia in box 2

4) Skim your results list. *Note sources with REF (reference book) in the call number will appear at the end of the list!  Even if you search without the term encyclopedia, the REF (reference titles) will always appear at the end of the results list


**CLUE:  With book catalog searches, if your search doesn't produce results - search a more GENERAL term!

LSA Library Print Reference

LSA Library Print Reference: Architecture