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  Gravestone with Funerary Banquet                 The Great Colosseum            Intaglio w/Portrait of Empress Julia Domna      

artifacts from: Heilbrunn Timeline - Metropolitan Museum of Art           


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Website, Webpage * WWW: Definitions

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WEBSITE = A Web site is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. A company or an individual tells you how to get to their Web site by giving you the address of their home page. From the home page, you can get to all the other pages on their site.

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"Please note that a Web page is not the same thing as a Web site. A Web site is a collection of pages. A Web page is an individual HTML document. This is a good distinction to know, as most techies have little tolerance for people who mix up the two terms."

Nuts and Bolts!

Latin Website on ONE ASPECT of Roman Life

Each Group Member = 1 Webpage

Each Webpage =  1 Subtopic

Subtopic Research = Information (PARAPHRASED from original source) & Graphics

Information & Graphics = Include Latin Vocabulary

Design = Make it INTERESTING!!


April 4th = First Version

April 14th = Final Version

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