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Culpepper: Julius Caesar Research: Journals

Journal Articles

Find Article:  Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and the Irony of History


  • Use advanced search.  Periodical databases are huge and you will need to add several search terms to help narrow your search.

  • To opein the article from your email, JSTOR will likely prompt you for a username and password.   If you have forgotten them, they are on your My  Edline page, under  * Library Resources.  

  • JSTOR emails the article link to you, rather than attaching the article.  To OPEN the article in your email, click on the Stable URL in the citation.

  • To PRINT the article, click on View PDF under Tools.  To open the PDF, you must click that you accept the terms and conditions of JSTOR.  The article will likely bounce down to the bottom of your computer in a new browser window.  Open the window and right click to print.