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Murphy: Junior Research Paper 2018

I. Print Books via LSA Library: Primary, Secondary/Reference

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Advanced Search

Begin by Clicking "Advanced Search"

* Specialized Reference/Encyclopedia sources and E-Books will appear at the END of the list and will be coded with their  call # beginning with REF!

* Book citations can be quickly saved to Noodletools by copying and pasting the ISBN number found in the book record


To use an  E-book & to Place a Hold on a book from another high school library is easy.  Please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Login button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Type in the beginning of your gmail login through graduation year (tsmith20) and password (lsa).
  3. Select "All High School Libraries" from the "location" dropdown menu.
  4. Search for a book.
  5. Click on title of the book you want to read or  place on hold.
  6. Click the "Hold It" icon in the upper right corner to request book to be delivered to LSA  or Click "Open" button if you want to read the e-book 

II. Books at RI Public Libraries - OSL

 Ask Mrs. Trissler or Hajian for assistance with ordering public library books and to arrange delivery

III. Books at College and University Libraries - HELIN

Ask Mrs. Trissler or Mrs. Hajian for assistance with ordering college & University titles and to arrange delivery