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Trissler: DigLit - Research Unit: Home


1. Quizzes: 20 points each

- Library Resources Scavenger Hunt

- Google Advanced Search Techniques

- Intellectual Property personal statement


2. In-Class Activities: 10 points each

Google Classroom & Noodletools registration & personal statement

-Academic Website Activity Sheet

-Fake News Group Report


3. Homework: 10 points each

- Choose topic,subtopic, and population for Infographic project. Locate & print a .gov webarticle using those search terms & phrases

- Sources check:  Academic web article and NY Times article shared with Mrs. Trissler's Noodletools Inbox

-Sources check: All 4 infographic sources included and Works Cited Printed.  Group Members' names on Works Cited

- Write a one paragraph report about what you learned from reading your sources about your Infographic research topic using In-Text citations 


4. Infographic Project - Captions  vs. Citations, & Works Cited Page: 50 Points

-With partner create an Infographic using statistics and information from four sources. Caption source and date under information, names of partners included


Head Librarian

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Rosanne Trissler
La Salle Academy
612 Academy Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

Library Hours: Fall 2018

The LSA Library will be open during the following hours this fall:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  7:30 - 4:30 pm

Wednesdays 7:30 - 1:40 pm

Fridays 7:30 -  3:00 pm

B. DigLit 21 Grading Policy & Class Rules


1) NO cell phone/personal device use in computer lab


2) Dress code expected everyday


3) Come to class prepared with homework/folder/writing implements


4) Check Portals Plus !!! Postings alert you to what is due/will take place the following day

Missed classes/class work are YOUR responsibility: speak to me in Library


4) Productive & respectful class participation (small group and full class) expected for In-class activity credit & is graded


5) One person addresses class at a time


6) 1 minute music warning - return to seat ready to work/share

"One Minute More" Capital Cities/SwedaMusic

60 Second Warning

Research Unit - Google Classroom Codes - Join My Classroom!

Period A = 2rvemt


Period D = qxvcqs


Period E = pr6onm

NOODLETOOLS: Step by Step!


1) LOGIN to your LSA Gmail Account  


2) Open Noodletools Link (above)

3) In Upper Right Corner /"Access via G-Suite box:

Type in your LSA gmail 

Click "Sign In" 

Select "New Account"

Select a "Student" Account

Username Box: Your Gmail login

Verify your graduation year

New to Noodletools?


Try the Tutorials to get you going!

Image Source:  USA Today


I. Log in to your LSA Gmail Acct & NoodleTools



II. Create a "New Project" 

a. Type in title = Your Famous Person

b. Click MLA citation format

c. Click "Junior" Citation Level

II.  From "Dashboard"

a Type in Research Question = Your Famous Person

b. In Middle "Sharing and Collaboration Box" :  Public View - Keep Open to Public Access

c. In "Sharing ?" Box - Click on Share with a Project Inbox  - Drop Down/Select:

Your Teacher's Last Name: Assignment


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