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Carpenter: British Literature 3.2

Paper Requirements

Spring Research Paper

4-6 Pages Double Spaced

Everyone has an Assigned Topic (with the exception of "the Lucky 3" !)

MLA 8th Ed. Format Using Noodletools

Minimum of 5 Sources

Three (3) DIFFERENT Types of Sources Required [Book, E-Book, Database, Web Article etc.]

Research Goals

Utilize Noodletools to Create Works Cited Page

Develop Search Terms and "Search Phrases"         

Access Database Advanced Search Features & E-Tools       



Research Question Demo:

Developing Search terms (one word) and "search phrases" (2+ words) from Research Question.

1) Circle the most important terms and phrases in the question

2) develop alternate terms and phrases for them


Does someone's personality change when communicating via social media?


MAIN TOPIC (term or "phrase 2+ words"               SUBTOPIC 1 (term or "phrase")                   SUBTOPIC #2 [OPTIONAL] (term or phrase)



[ALTERNATE] for MAIN TOPIC                                   [ALTERNATE] for  SUBTOPIC 1                       [ALTERNATE] for  SUBTOPIC 2     

(term or "phrase")                                                       (search term or "phrase")                                    (search term or "phrase")