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Carpenter: English 2.1

Paper Requirements

Early Spring Research Paper


5-7 Pages Double Spaced

Everyone has an Approved Topic 

MLA 8th Ed. Format Using Noodletools

Minimum of 5 Sources

Three (3) DIFFERENT Types of Sources Required. Options Include:



Database Articles

Scholarly Web Article 

Research Goals

Utilize Noodletools to Create Project & Works Cited Page

1. Login to School Gmail

2. Login to Noodletools using your school email

3. Create a Project - Give it a name/Select MLA 8th Ed. Format/ Select "Junior" Level


Develop Search Terms and "Search Phrases"     


 Access Database Advanced Search Features & E-Tools       



Research Topic -> Search Terms and "Search Phrases"

Developing Search terms (one word) and "search phrases" (2+ words) related to Approved Topic

2) develop alternate terms and phrases for e-searching

Heart Transplants

MAIN TOPIC (term or "phrase 2+ words"                                                                      SUBTOPIC 1 (term or "phrase")                   



[ALTERNATE] for MAIN TOPIC                                                                                        [ALTERNATE] for  SUBTOPIC 1                       

(term or "phrase")                                                                                                             (search term or "phrase")                                  


Library Hours: Fall 2018

The LSA Library is open during the following hours 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday    7:30 - 4:30 pm

Wednesday   7:30 - 1:40

Friday  7:30 - 3:00