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Ducharme: Freshman & Sophomore Religion: Home

Old and New Testament Research

by ANi, 2012

Project Requirements: Due December 1st

Mrs. Ducharme's Requirements

PowerPoint or Google Slides Presentation

Focus: Old Testament


At least 3 different types of sources:

*Print book or encyclopedia





Provide Captions for all images & media

Last Page of Slide Show: Works Cited List

Print Slides: 4-6 per page to hand in

Upload to


Research Skills/Goals

Review:  Use of Noodletools &

Captions provided for all media (images/music etc.)

Preparation: Today!


1. Register for this class and assignment in



2. Create a New Project in Noodletools

*Click "New Project"

*Select "MLA Format"

*Select: Junior Level

Image: "Story of Moses"

1. Research

I. Locate information from at least 3 different types of sources:

*Print book or encyclopedia        *E-Encyclopediia         *Database          *Website

II. Print section related to your topic, read and highlight


III. SAVE Citations !!!

 As you go in   

2. Create PowerPoint of Google Slide Shor

* Gather most interesting information

* Double check facts and dates

* Present information in short phrases/sentences or bullets

* Choose colorful/interesting images & graphics to support text

* Provide captions ("title", creator, date) for images and all other media

* Create a list of credits (citations for the sources you used)

   List them alphabetically on the last slide as a "List of Works Cited"

   Noodletools Works Cited will prepare this for you: just copy & paste into last slide!

3. Turnitin - Student Instructions


Uploading Presentation:

1. Open Assignment Link

2. Click

3. Add title & Check if uploading from 



Google Drive