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Mrs. Trissler, Head Librarian

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Rosanne Trissler
La Salle Academy
612 Academy Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

New Books!


This Library Guide is a collection of electronic resources for your use in school and at home!  By the end of the school year you will be quite comfortable using all of the links and sources that it has to offer.  

REMEMBER: You will need to use La Salle Academy's Remote Login (Available via Plus Portals->Library Resources page) if you plan to use the E-Encyclopedias or Specialized Databases when you are at home or off-campus.


Monday - Thursday 7:45-3:30

Friday: 7:45-2:45


BOOKS!   E-BOOKS!!   ENCYCLOPEDIAS!!!    DATABASES!!!!    VIDEOS!!!!!    &    MORE!!!!!!

Mrs. Hajian, Librarian

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Andrea Hajian
La Salle Academy Library
612 Academy Ave.
Providence, RI 02908
401-351-7750, ext 198