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2017 National History Day Resources & Tips: Home

7th Grade: National History Day

Requirements for ALL Projects

1. Topic Related to the 2016 Theme & of Historical Significance 


2. Two Annotated Bibliographies:

a. Primary Source Annotated BibliographyBibliography

b. Secondary Source Annotated Bibliography


3. A Process Paper (Research Paper entries not included)

In 500 words or less describe the steps you took in creating your project and conducting your research.  The Process Paper will have four sections:

a. How you chose your topic

b. How you conducted your research

c. How you selected your presentation category & created your project

d. How your project relates to the 2016 theme


4. Title Page (accompanies all written work for all category types)  Information includes:

a. Title of your entry

b. Name(s) of participants/creator(s)

c. Contest division and category

d. Word count (including Process Paper)