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Izzi: 2014 National History Day Entries: Welcome

National History Day Resources RAMGuide



Welcome to the 2014 National History Day RAMGuide.  This RAMGuide will help you locate books, electronic information, articles & web sites for your National History Day project.  Additionally, it includes research workshop tips and tools to help you follow the NHD Rules.  Good Luck!

Mrs. Izzi's Requirements

Each student will utilize a minimum of 10 informational sources for their project.  These sources will be of mixed format type and will include:

* no more than TWO (2) academic websites

* ONE (1) specialized reference/encyclopedia article

* ONE (1) nonfiction book

* ONE (1) newpaper article

* ONE (1) database article

* ONE (1) academic journal article

* FIVE (5) primary sources

* ONE (1) interview (if possible)


1) RAMGuide Overview

2) Primary vs. Secondary Sources

3) Advanced E-Searching Tips & Tricks

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday:  7:45 - 3:30 pm

Friday: 7:45 - 2:45 pm

2014 National History Day Theme & Guidelines

NHD Presentations/Handouts Provide by LSA Library

2012 LSA NHD Winners at Nationals: Julianna Marandola & Brooke Friday!


   Brooke Friday ’13                         Julianna  Marandola ‘15

      Performance                               Paper                            

   Eleanor Roosevelt                       "The Federal Reserve Act of 1913"

                                                                                                          Brooke Friday