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Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

1 January 2018: Pope's Prayer for Peace - Migrants & Refugees

"Let us draw inspiration from the words of Saint John Paul II: “If the ‘dream’ of a peaceful world is shared by all, if the refugees’ and migrants’ contribution is properly evaluated, then humanity can become more and more a universal family and our earth a true ‘common home’.”Throughout history, many have believed in this “dream”, and their achievements are a testament to the fact that it is no mere utopia.

Among these, we remember Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini in this year that marks the hundredth anniversary of her death. On this thirteenth day of November, many ecclesial communities celebrate her memory. This remarkable woman, who devoted her life to the service of migrants and became their patron saint, taught us to welcome, protect, promote and integrate our brothers and sisters. Through her intercession, may the Lord enable all of us to experience that “a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.”[19]


19 November 2017: First World Day of the Poor

Max Rossi, Reuters, 3 Aug. 2016

Max Rossi, Reuters. 3 Aug. 2016

--Pope Francis, Holy Father's Message First World Day of the Poor, 13 June 2017


VIDEO: TED Talk, Filmed - April 2017


Vatican: The Pope Video "Countries Receiving Refugees" [November 2016]

The Pope Video - "Child Soldiers" [December 2016]

The Pope Video - "Help Persecuted Christians" [March 2017]



The Poverty Resources Guide is a work in progress.  It is hoped that it will be a 21st century colllection of resources of multiple format types that represent the 4 definitions/interpretations of poverty according to Lasallian pedagogy.

Its seeds emerged thanks to the contributions of the following Buttimer Institute Participants:

Christine Bridges Estes, La Salle Academy, Providence, RI

Bro. Lawrence Goyette FSC. Manhattan College, NYC

David Martinez, La Salle Academy. Providence

Bro. Pius Nsukula FSC, St. Mary's University, Winona, MN

Nancy Reiland, Lewis University,  Romeoville IL

Rosanne Trissler, La Salle Academy, Providence, RI

* Ongoing consultation with:

Bro. Frederick Mueller FSC Providence, RI


About: The Buttimer Institute for Lasallian Studies


BBC News: "Hurricane Irma Causes Devastation in the Caribbean"  

7  Sept. 2017




Hurricane Maria's Devastation in Puerto Rico

September 2017 Photo by Sgt. Jose Diaz-Ramos

NPR INTERVIEW: "Refugees, Displaced People Surpass 60 Million for First Time, UNHCR Says

20 June 2017 by Camila Domonoske


"For how long has Jesus been presenting himself to you and knocking at the door of your heart to make his dwelling within you, and you have not wanted to receive him?  Why? Because he only presents himself under the form of a poor man, a slave, a man of sorrow."


Economic Poverty refers to the lack of basic financial resources needed for a family to function at the average level of other families in the community


Educational Poverty refers to significant differences in cognitive style or development, past school history, or social/emotional development that significantly impede a person being able to function in regular learning environments without supports or accomodations


Affective Poverty refers to a significant lack of the personal, psychological, social and emotional resources and competencies to be able to meet normal developmental expectations


Poverty of Values refers to a lack in appreciation of local social norms, or of the responsibility to the larger world community that all persons have

Lasallian Reflections. 14c, 2004.



"Prayer for the Poor"

Pope Francis, Rome, 2013


Let Us . . .

remain listening

attentively to the voice of the Lord,”


so that

“the cry of the poor may not leave us indifferent,

the suffering of the sick

and the one who is in need may not find us distracted

the solitude of the elderly and the fragility of children may move us”

and that everyone

“may always love and venerate every human life”



Interested in contributing news, articles, prayers, testimonials, and/or resources to the Buttimer Poverty Resources Guide? 

email Rosanne Trissler, Librarian