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2019 Poverty Week Guide: Home

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LSA Providence - Poverty in Our World

This Guide is a collaboration between students and faculty to educate our community

about local, national, and international poverty challenges General Council Reflection 3 2017-18: E-DOCUMENT 

Logo: “Lasallians Without Limits”
Image Created by Universidad La Salle  – Oaxaca (District of Antilles-Mexico South)


Protect by Peter Cheng

Peter Cheng '21: "Protect"

Eve Fraser '21 :"How many have to die before we will give up these dangerous toys?" - Stephen King

Katie Heenan '21: "Over 40,000 vets were homeless last year."

Sophia Latham '21; "The immigrant mentality is to work hard, be brave, and never give up in you pursuit of achieving the American dream."

Chris Starring '21: "My picture is of a hat sitting on the sidewalk. this is a homeless ma's hat, and he is using it to possibly make money. The note he receives shows that not all people are generous to the homeless, and that they should be.

Sophie Nie '21:" I identify strongly with an emotional eating issue, and when it happens it feels like a fluffy monster crawling on my back and watching over me."

Kayla Eisele '21: "The Earth is what we all have 'in common' " - Wendell Berry

Leury De La Rosa, '21: "Destruction at its Finest"

Brooklyn Poirier '21, "There are 4.8 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally, with an estimated 1 in 7 reported endangered runaways likely the victims of sex trafficking."

Francesca Lanni '21: "Men and women who once served our country, now make up 12% of our homeless population."

Abbie M '21. "I will never understand why it is more shameful to be raped than to be a rapist," -Sara Erdmann

Abigail Evangelista '21: "Perfect?"

New/Upcoming Issues and Perspectives


Aemilia Blais '21:  LSA Initiatives, editor

Blake Rogers '21: Global, Regional and Local Demographics, editor

Grace Truslow '21: 21st Century Action, editor

Mrs. Estes, Director of Campus Ministry: contributor & editor

Mrs. Hajian, Librarian: Prayer Collection, editor

Mrs. Trissler, Head Librarian:, Lasallian World Wide Initiatives , editor


Economic: Refers to the lack of basic financial resources needed for a family to function at the average level of other families in the community.  For the United States specific guidelines are provided by the Department of Health and Human resources as to what constitutes economic poverty and low income.


Educational: Refers to significant differences in cognitive style or development, past school history, or social/emotional developments that significantly impede a person being able to function in the regular learning environments without supports or accommodations.


Affective: Refers to a significant lack of the personal, psychological, social and emotional resources and competencies to be able to meet normal development expectations.  Poverty in this area can lead to lifelong emotional and social maladjustment impeding the person from being a contributing member of the community.


Poverty of Values: Refers to lacks in an appreciation of local social norms, or of the respnsibility to the larger world community that all persons have.