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Murphy: .1 World Literature Research Paper 2018

Mrs. Murphy's Source Requirements

Required Sources: avg. 7-10 total

Primary Source Book - Literary work your are examining (at least 1)


Minimum of 5 Secondary sources

Book (at least 1)

Specialized Reference Source - Print or Electronic (at least 1)


Subject Specific Database Source (at least 1)


Periodical (Magazine, Newspaper or Academic Journal) (at least 1)


Authoritative Website  (at least 1, but no more than 2 websites)  

NOTE: Webarticles must be signed (have identifiable authors)




Register for Noodletools Account         Search Terms/Phrases & Alternates         Advanced Searching & E-Tools


MLA 8th Ed. Full Ctations & In-text Citations                 Practice with In-Text Citations

Research Question Demo:

Developing Search terms (one word) and "search phrases" (2+ words) from Research Question.

1) Circle the most important terms and phrases in the question

2) develop alternate terms and phrases for them


What aspects of African American writer Zora Neale Hurston's novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, categoizes it as a work of literary anthropology?


MAIN TOPIC (term or "phrase 2+ words"               SUBTOPIC 1 (term or "phrase")                   SUBTOPIC #2 [OPTIONAL] (term or phrase)



[ALTERNATE] for MAIN TOPIC                                   [ALTERNATE] for  SUBTOPIC 1                       [ALTERNATE] for  SUBTOPIC 2     

(term or "phrase")                                                       (search term or "phrase")                                    (search term or "phrase")