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Wojciechowski: U.S. History - Native American Project: Citations

Project Requirements and Research Resources

TIPS on Creating a Project and Entering Bibliographic Citation Information

LOGIN Using you LSA gmail account!


Create Project

1) Click on Create a New Project: Give it a Name

2) Click on MLA 7th Ed. Format

2) Click on Bibliography Link


Use Shortcuts to Copy Citations

1) Select TAB for type of resource : WEBSITE; BOOK, "ALL 59 SOURCES" = for database article etc.


BOOK SOURCE BOOK TAB; then copy and paste ISBN # for citation


DATABASE ARTICLE:  "ALL 59 OPTIONS" TAB; then click on "Write/paste" option (on left) & copy and paste citation information (from database "citation tools" for your article) into box


WEBPAGE/WEB ARTICLE:  WEBSITE TAB; Copy the URL from the webpage browser box into the search box.  EasyBib will probably locate the webpage/article title and website title, but you will need to return to the webpage to locate and manually type in: 1) name of the sponsoring organization; 2) date webarticle was published/updated; and 3) date you accessed the webpage.  Click "Save Citation"


3) Check citationsagainst Purdue Owl MLA Formatting and Style Guide


4) Use the EXPORT OR PRINT tool in EasyBib to "Save as a Google Doc"  "Print as a Word Doc"  

Print and staple to your worksheet!


Easy Bib: Citation Maker for List of Works Cited

to access and update your account for the 2016-17 school year, add in the La Salle "Coupon Code";

1) Login to EasyBib 

2) Once your name appears in the upper right hand corner, drop down to "Settings'

3) Click the Coupon Code link and Paste in this code:   [COUPON CODE: lasalhsri ]

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