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Dries: Advanced Google Search: Home

Keyword Search: Brainstorm

  1. Choose words you think will appear on the page.
  2. Focus on key ideas - no extra words.
  3. Do NOT include your entire research question - use only keywords
  • Do:  chocolate health benefits
  • Do NOT:  What are the health benefits of chocolate?

Search a Particular Domain or Website

To search only .edu websites

site:edu   chocolate

To search only .gov websites

site:gov  chocolate

To search only a particular website - ex. National Institutes of Health  chocolate


  • No space between colon and domain/website
  • Works for any domain (.com, .org, .gov, .edu, .mil) or website


Search a Particular Filetype



.kml  (Google Earth)

.kmz (Google Earth)

.xls (Excel)

.ppt (PowerPoint)

.doc (Word)

To find PDF article from .edu sites on health benefits of chocolate:

filetype:pdf site:edu chocolate health benefit

To find Google Earth maps of Iditarod race:

filetype:kml  iditarod


Advanced Google Search

To Remove Unwanted Results: Use minus -

To remove unwanted results from search:

Use minus -

To search chocolate, but not Chocolate Thunder (Darryl Dawkins)

chocolate -thunder

To search salsa, but not salsa dancing

salsa -dancing

To search Bono (U2), but not actor/Congressman Sonny Bono

bono -sonny


No space between minus sign and unwanted word




OR: Adds more results to search - use synonyms

Use OR to search synonyms of the same idea

"global warming" OR "climate change"

chocolate and health OR benefits OR flavonoids

chocolate health OR benefits OR flavonoids


  • OR must be ALL CAPS



Use "Quotes" to Search for an "Exact Phrase"

Put quotes around two or more words to search for that exact phrase:

"dark chocolate"

"milk chocolate"

"renewable energy"

"climate change"

"to be or not to be"

Use "Google Advanced Search"

  1. Start Google search
  2. Click on gear in upper right hand corner
  3. Select "advanced Search"


Must start typing in the Google search box in order for gear to appear on right.