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Preventing Cyberbullying

      Progress has been made slowly but surely in the area of cyberbullying and there are several reasons why this is true.  Major stake holders such as national media companies, parents, educators and even teens themselves have caused this turn around.  According to research conducted by Cox Communications this year, there is a decrease in cyberbullying among adolescents when compared to this time last fall; 24% percent of teenagers have been cyberbullied vs. 31% in 2013 ("Cox Survey").  High profile companies, such as Cox and Cartoon Network have launched public interest campaigns that encourage teens, parents, and educators to all speak up when cyber bullying occurs.  Parents often pay an influencial role in preventing cyberbullying by placing the computer in a public space in the home, knowing their children's logins and passwords and which social networks they frequently visit, and most importantly by discussing cyber bullying with their kids and by letting them know it is not their fault if they fall victim to a cyber bully attack.  Parents who assure their children that their computer privileges will not be revoked if they inform them of experiencing cyber bullying are much more likely to help prevent serious future ongoing harrassment ("What Parents"). Educators are playing a powerful role by instituting academic and institutional sanctions against known cyber bullies.  "When caught, cyberbullies may be pulled from sports teams or suspended or expelled from school" ("How to Beat").  Perhaps most important, more and more friends of teens who have been victims of cyberbullying are speaking up for and standing by their peers which results in a more public and effective way to get out the message that cyberbullying is totally unacceptable.


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