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Rambone: Sophomore English Research 2015: Reference/E-Encyclopedias

Accessing E-Encyclopedias from Home

To access these E-Encyclopedias at home (or off-campus), you will need the LSA username and password.  If your forgot the username and password, they are available once you login to EDLINE > My Edline > Library Resources Page.

For EDLINE, click here.

How to find specialized reference books?

Using the call numbers of the non-fiction books you located, browse the reference section in the corresponding call number area.   Remember, call numbers are found on the bottom of the spine of the book.   The LSA library is organized using the Dewey Decimal System.

How to find information in specialized reference books?

Most specialized reference books have a detailed index in the back of the book.  You can find information related to your specific topic using the index.  Remember you many need to use different key words/search terms to find information related to your topic, as some sources may refer to your topic using different key words (Ex. rain vs. precipitation).

If you are using a multivolume reference set, the index may be located in the back of the last book or in a separate index volume.

Some reference books may have a detailed table of contents, rather than an index.

Health E-Encyclopedias

Science E-Encyclopedias