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Multimedia "MUSTS": Rubrics & Steps for Multimedia Projects

Steps for Student Success in Building Multimedia Projects

From:  University of RI: Harrington School - Media Education Lab

"Ready, Set, Create: Multimedia Authorship 101"

PREPRODUCTION: Communication Strategy

1. Identify purpose: inform, persuade, entertain

2. Identify target audience: existing beliefs, attitudes, & knowledge of subject matter

   Do you want to change their minds/opinon? 

3. Identify your message

4. How will you hold and keep the attention of your audience/

5. Which multimedia format is best suited to convey your message?


PRODUCTION: Group Process/Input

1. Let creative ideas flow at first without evaluation; bounce ideas off one another

2. Delegate specific responsibilities to individual members ("researcher, audience analyst,creative designer, and project manager . . .") finally, then coordinate efforts

3. Investigate free multimedia production tools (see list/links in original article)

4. Set deadlines and reasonable limitations to scope of project


POST PRODUCTION: Get Feedback and Revise

1. Try out the project on a few people from the targeted audience

2. Make revisions as you determine they're needed

3. Share your project and ENJOY!

4. Reflect with partner/team as to what worked and what could have been improved for next time!



Sample Multimedia Project Rubric

University of Kansas: Multimedia Project Grading Rubric