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Multimedia "MUSTS": Infographics & Tools

Leading the Way !

"Treat your readers as intelligent . . ."  Randy Krum  [President of InfoNewt Data Visualization]


Practice What We Preach: Model Captioning in Our Multimedia Presentations


Promote Student Creativity, Synthesis of Data, Original Works & Copyright Licensing of their Original Works: LSA Student Google Slides/Video: "Creative +" 

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QUIZ: Multimedia Q & As


Transcript of email from David McCandless' Representative

"Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest in David's work.  Apologies for the delayed response.  Just waiting to hear back from our editor on this."


Transcript of email from Randy Krum

"Thanks for your note!  Feel free to quote and show any of the designs from the InfoNewt Portfolio page.  I wrote a whole section of my book Cool Infographics, on Trademarks, Copyright and Fair Use issues with infographics."


Randy Krum:" Most Polluted City in the United States", 2012 Infographic