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Ducharme: Old Testament PowerPoint: Home

Old Testament: People, Places, Miracles!

                                                                      The Hebrew Bible: The Old Testament

"King David in Prayer" by: Pieterde Grehba, 1640                     "Ezekial", Monastery on the Mount, 1748                                     "Elijah" by Goofdsly 1842

1. Research

Locate information from at least 3 different types of sources:

*Print book or encyclopedia




Print section related to your topic, read and highlight


SAVE Citations for your sources as you go in EasyBib !  

2. Create PowerPoint

* Gather most interesting information

* Double check facts and dates

* Provide captions ("title", creator, date) for images

* Create a list of credits (citations for the sources you used)

   List them on last slide as a "List of Works Cited"

Turnitin - Student Instructions