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General Health Resources: Videos

CBS News

Access to full length 60 Minutes episodes and excerpts from The Early Show, CBS Evening News and WebMD videos, including:

  • Popping Pills a Popular Way to Boost Brain Power (60 Minutes) – Investigates the problem of healthy students using non-prescribed Adderall and Ritalin as a way to improve mental function.  Includes some “web extra” video
  • Ads Warn of Meth Dangers – Montana Meth Project Ads (CBS News)
  • Katie Couric’s In-depth Report on Teen Dating Violence (CBS News)

NBC Learn



Provides short video clips (2 – 6 minutes on average) of a variety of health topics from the NBC News archive.  Browse Health & Wellness titles or try an advanced search for a particular topic.  

PBS Videos

Access to full length Frontline, Nova and other PBS produced programs and segments, including:

  • Diet Wars (Frontline)  - examines America’s obesity crisis and compares various diets
  • Dying to be Thin (Nova) -examines eating disorders – primarily anorexia and bulimia and includes a companion website that includes discussion questions and lesson plans.  In addition the video is broken into chapters to allow you to watch the entire program or certain sections
  • The Meth Epidemic (Frontline) – an investigation into how and why meth became the fastest growing drug problem in America.  Includes companion website featuring information on how meth destroys the body, FAQs and interviews