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General Health Resources: Citations



An alphabetical list of Full (complete) Citations are REQUIRED on the

Works Cited Page (last page) for every source used in the paper


Gore, Albert. An Inconvenient Truth. Viking, 2007, pp.10-160.


Schmidt, Charles, and Sydney Jones. "The Kyoto Protocol: Just a Lot of Hot Air". Environmental Health Perspectives,      

vol. 8, Aug 2000, p. A 362, Ebscohost,


"Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA." Oyez,, Accessed 27 Apr. 2017.


"In-text" citations are REQUIRED in the paper every time the writer:

Uses a direct quote from a source - also include quotation marks.

Paraphrases information from a source

[paraphrasing = putting another's ideas and/or facts into your own words and sentence structure]

 Identifies/summarizes an idea/concept that is not common knowledge.

When in doubt, cite it!


VIDEO: Citation: Why Multiple Styles? Purdue Owl

VIDEO: MLA Citations (8th Edition): McMaster University Library


For in-text citations of PRINT sources with one (1) author

(Author's Last Name # of page from source you are referencing) 

BOOK: Full Citation (in Works Cited):

Gore, Albert. An Inconvenient Truth. Viking, 2007, pp.10-160.

Sample In-text citation - quote

"The world can no longer turn a blind eye to the problem of global warming" (Gore 10).


For in-text citations of PRINT sources with two (2) authors

(Last Name of first author, First name, and First Name of second Author Last Name # of page(s))

PDF of original print academic journal article: Full Citation

Schmidt, Charles, and Sydney Jones. "The Kyoto Protocol: Just a Lot of Hot Air".  Environmental

        Health Perspectives, vol. 8, Aug 2000, p. A 362, Ebscohost,

Sample In-text citation - paraphrase

Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have caused a significant reduction in the percentage of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere since 1990 (Schmidt and Jones 362).


For in-text citations of PRINT sources with three+ (3 or more) authors

(Last Name of first author, First name, et al. # of page(s))

BOOK: (Full Citation in Works Cited)

Harris, Marcus, et al.  Global Cooperation on the Environment. Oxford, 2014, p.102.

Sample In-text citation - summary

Long term commitment by the global community to environmental challenges is difficult to achieve (Harris, et al. 102).


For in-text citations of digital sources without page numbers

WEB ARTICLE/ WEB PAGE: Full Citation in Works Cited

"Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA." Oyez,, Accessed 27 Apr. 2017.

Sample in-text citation - paraphrase

The Environmental Protection Agency is constantly reviewing environmental impact statements and laws that affect single states as well as multiple states at once, such as the "Cross State Air Pollution Rule Update" ("Utility").


For additional in-text citation rules,  please consult Purdue Owl's In-text Citation page.

WORKS CITED PAGE: Full Citations -MLA 8th Ed. "Core Elements"

MLA 8th Edition Citation Elements Graphic


Multimedia Projects: Captions & Citations

PURDUE OWL (Online Writing Lab) - Online Citation Help

NOODLETOOLS: Step by Step!


1) LOGIN to your LSA Gmail Account  


2) Open Noodletools Link (above)


3) In Upper Right Corner /"Access via G-Suite/Office 365" box:

Type your LSA gmail Username

Click "Sign In" 


4) Select: Student Account


5) Identify your graduation year (Scroll to your graduation year)

Image Source:  USA Today


I. Log in to your LSA Gmail Acct & NoodleTools



II. Create a "New Project" 

a. Type in title = Your Famous Person

b. Click MLA citation format

c. Click "Junior" Citation Level

II.  From "Dashboard"

a Type in Research Question = Your Famous Person

b. In Middle "Sharing and Collaboration Box" :  Public View - Keep Open to Public Access

c. In "Sharing ?" Box - Click on Share with a Project Inbox  - Drop Down/Select:

Your Teacher's Last Name: Assignment



1)  (gmail) 

2)  (upper right corner)


3) Click/Select Project link


4)   ->  ->  -> 



5) Copy & Paste (or type in) ISBN# From Book Record/Publication Information & Click "Search"


6)  Select/highlight your book's info & Click Import Selected Source 


7) Click 

8) Click 

 Image Source:  PBS


1)  (gmail) 

2)  (upper right corner)


3) Click/Select Project Link


4)  ->  


5) ->


6) Click "Copy & paste a citation" link



7) Copy & Paste Citation into Manual Citation Box


8) Click 


1)  (gmail) 

2)  (upper right corner)


3) Click/Select Project Link


4)  ->  


5) Select 


6) Select 


7) Return to Web Page and copy the URL & locate the date it was published/updated


8) Add/click today's date as the "Access Date" 


8) Complete/Manually type in the rest of webpage info into boxes above 


10) Click : 






Enter specific Info:

Interviewee's Name (person interviewed)


Interviewer's Name (person who conducted the interview


Type of Interview (email, phone, in-person)


Date of Interview

Log into your Gmail acct.

Log into Noodtools

Open link for your project

Open   button for your project

Click  button

Drop down to "Print/Export to Google Docs" option

Wait a moment and it will translate your source page into a "Beautiful" Works Cited Google Doc!!


1) Open/locate source that you will be capturing information from

2) Login to   (gmail) 

3) Login   (upper right corner)

4) Click/Select Project Link

5) Open "Notecards" Tab

6) Click 

7) Complete the following boxes: 

Title: Type subtopic in box 

Source: Drop down to Select source from the list that you've saved 

8) Copy Original: Highlight, copy, and paste the section/info from the source that you plan to paraphrase in the "Copy, Paste & Annotate Here" Box

9) Paraphrase box ("In Your Own Words Box" ):  Write a sentence using your own vocabulary &  grammar so it is significantly different from original sentence/section in the source, but be sure to retain accuracy and meaning!

10) "Pat Yourself on the Back! "

Video: Published by IMGUR: Created by TheFlyingDutchman, 2014

From Dashboard, Select "Notecards" Button

In far right corner you will see

Click on Topic to add major topic

Click on   to add another topic

Drag notecards from left tabletop to appropriate topic/subtopic

Hover over any element and click Delete to edit





Because you are already logged into your school gmail account while using Noodletools,

you can Press the  button from the Dashboard

and your paper will be saved to your Google Docs account!

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