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Ricci: Visual Studies Poster Project - From Sketching to Painting: POSTER BOARD MUSTS!

Caption Information

Every image that you choose to place on your poster board MUST include the following information in a caption places below, beside, or above the image/graphic:


Medium [watercolor, oil, graphite pencil etc.]

Dimensions [size]

Date/Year Created

SAMPLE: Poster Board

Winslow Homer and The Sea

Northeaster, oil on canvas, 34 1/2 x 50 in., 1895


The Gulf Stream, oil on canvas, 28 1/8 x 49 1/8 in., 1899                             --------------->               Waterfan, watercolor.374x534 mm, 1898


Why did I choose Homer?     What do I like best about his work?     How did Homer influence my art?      What impact did Homer have on the art world?   

Winslow Homer, while                 Homer is known as "The Greatest            It is my goal to master watercolour        Winslow Homer's realistic treatment of his subjects and color

a native New Yorker, spent           Pictoral Poet of Outdoor Life in              painting and to add movement and         influenced  J. LaFarge, John Marin, & Andrew Wyeth.

many years in New England           in the USA". He was a student of            depth.  Water is extremely challenging   He emerged in his totality as a watercolour painter after working

and England by the sea.  The        the Hudson River School.                      to depict, whether still or in motion.     in oil for many years.  His use depiction of light, movement, &

ocean depicts life and mortality      Although he wasn't wealthy                   Homer's use of white along side areas     tramsparency inspired many 19th,20th & 21st century painters. 

and will always serve as a subject   during his lifetime, Homer has more         of colors of deepening hue is something

for artists, including myself!          paintings in museum collections               I plan to experiment with.