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A Philosophical "ARGUMENT"

"... in the most important sense for philosophy, an argument is a complex consisting of a set of propositions (called its premisses) and a proposition (called its conclusion).  You can use an argument by asserting its premisses and drawing or inferring its conclusion. . . "

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy


A set of propositons involves the identification of:

*major theories and their originators

*evolution of these theories/movements

*relationship between theories

Possible Search Term for ALLargu*

WELCOME to the Philosophy Resources RAMGuide

[Oregon State University Philosopher's Page]


The RAMGuide is a STARTING POINT for your Spring 2013 Philosophy presentation and website.

Minimum of 5 Quality Sources

Specialized Reference/Encyclopedia

Nonfiction Book

Database Articles/Resources: including Academic Joural Articles

Scholarly/authoritative Website(s)


Primary Source(s)



Is the universe real? 


Can we know anything objectively?


Is there an afterlife?


Does God exist?