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Richardson: Periods C & F Morality Presentation: Home

FIVE Requirements

Multimedia Project Requirements:

1) Each group will prepare a 45 minute lesson on their assigned chapter

2) The material in the chapter should be covered completely

3) The material will be presented using a multimedia platform of your choice

4) A PRINT copy of the bibliography [MLA format] will be handed in on the day of the presentation

[credits for photos, music, video clips mus tbe included in the bibliography]

 A minimum of FIVE (5) informational sources of a mix of format types:

specialized reference articles

academic journal articles

magazine and/or newspaper articles

pre-taped interviews

primary sources 

no more than TWO (2) academic websites


5) A List of Credits will appear at the very end of  the presentation that identifies the original visual, audio, and digital works used within the project






GOAL 1: Intro to the RAMGuide

GOAL 2: EasyBib Registration, Citation Shortcuts, & Overview of List of Credits

GOAL 3: Review of the Use of Boolean Operators in Electronic Search Interfaces

GOAL 4: Give you TIME to Search for Sources w/ Group Members