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Richardson: Periods C & F Morality Presentation: MLA Citations

Your Citation Lifelines!


1) REGISTER in EasyBib (if you haven't already done so)

2) LOGIN and "Create a New Project" -> MLA 7th ->Bibliography

EasyBib Shortcuts


1) Open the link/informational record for the book

2) Scroll down to the line where the ISBN# is provided:  COPY the ISBN#

3) Return to EasyBib Bibliography; Select "BOOK" tab; COPY & PASTE ISBN# into top box

4) Review data in other boxes and fill in any missing information from the book record as needed



1) Use the database's Citation Tools to have database prepare an MLA formatted citation for article

2) COPY citation

3) Return to EasyBib Bibliography and select "All 59 Options" tab (far right hand side of top tabs)

4) Click in box "Write/Paste Citation" and PASTE the citation in the box

5) Review data in other boxes and fill in any missing information from the article's record as needed



1) Copy the URL (web address)

2) Return to easyBib Bibliography, select the "WEBSITE" tab and PASTE the URL into the box

3) The data should migrate to the author, article title, website title, sponsor, date published boxes - Check each one

4) Return to the webpage to locate any information that did not transfer to Easybib (note: author, sponsoring organization, and date of publication often need to be manually added in).

5) Manually type in missing information