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Notargiacomo - Freshman Research: Citing

When to Use Parenthetical Citations

  •  you use a direct quote from a source - also include quotation marks.

  •  you paraphrase a sentence(s) from a source - paraphrasing is putting another's ideas into your own words and sentence structure.

  •  you use an idea that is not common knowledge.

When in doubt, cite it!

Try a Citation Maker - EasyBib


EasyBib School Edition - Easily create citations and your Works Cited page with the help of EasyBib.  EasyBib School Edition also allows you to create notecards and build outlines.

Parenthetical Citation Basic MLA 7 Format

For parenthetical citations of PRINT materials:

" the problem of global warming" (Gore 10).

...scientific studies of global warming (Gore 160).


For parenthetical citations of WEB materials:

...atmospheric and economic trends ("Greenhouse Gas Emissions").


For sources with no author, more than one author, etc., please consult Purdue Owl's In-text Citation page.