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Notargiacomo - Freshman Research: EasyBib Bibliography

Marissa and Simon: Good Luck!

Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir

Try a Citation Maker - EasyBib


EasyBib School Edition - Easily create citations and your Works Cited page with the help of EasyBib.  EasyBib School Edition also allows you to create notecards and build outlines.

Website Evaluation as Simple as ABCD


Authority –Locate author's name @ bottom of webpage/article); the sponsor of the website ("About Us")  and  domain (ex. .gov, .org, .edu - in the web address)

Bias -  Aim for accurate information with limited advertising

Currency – Find the date that the website was updated (look at bottom of homepage) and see if links (if any) are also up-to-date.

Design – Professional, easy to navigate, free from spelling/grammatical errors.



YOU are the Citation Maker for WEBSITES!

Locate & Record:

Webmaster's or author's name

Webpage title

Website Title

Sponsoring organization

Date of last revision/update

Date you accessed the webpage




1) Register for an EasyBib account    2) Create a New EasyBib Project   3) Identify Each TYPE/ of Source you  found   4) Add Sources

EasyBib School Edition

STEP 1: Create an EasyBib Account & a "New Project"

A. Open Link for EasyBib and Click on REGISTER

B. Fill in the information in the box on the right:  Use your school gmail account for your email address

C. Click the Green tab for "New Project"

D. Type in a Name for your Project and Click MLA 7th (citation format) & Click Create

E. You will see your New Project Listed; click  the "Bibliography" link and you're ready to add your citations!

STEP 2: Identify Each Type of Citation On Your Draft List

Look at each citation that you copied and pasted into your Draft Bibliography

Take a minute to decide/remember whether each was: 1) a book; 2) a database article; or 3) a website

Write down  the source type (book, database, or website) next to each citation

Have Mrs. N or Mrs. Trissler check your work!

STEP 3: Add Book Citation Information

Login to Easybib and open link for your project.

Click on Bibliography link and select the "Book" tab at the top of page.

Look for the ISBN publication number on the back of the book's title page; type it in the box and Click "Cite this"

EasyBib will find that title and ask you if it found the correct book.  Click "Select"

Check that the author, title, publisher, publication date boxes are complete and Click "Create Citation"

STEP 4: Add Database Citation Information

Login to EasyBib and open link for your project.

Open your Google doc draft citations list and copy the article's citation

Click on Bibliography link under your Easybib project title and select the "All 59 options" tab at the top of page.

Look in the middle of the left column for the "Write/ paste" citation link - click it and paste citation in the box

Click "Create Citation" at bottom of page.

STEP 5: Add Website Citation Information


1) webpage author; 2) "webpage title"; 3) website title; 4) sponsoring organization; 5) date of last revision/update; 6) today's date

Login to EasyBib and open link for your project.

Click on Bibliography link under your Easybib project title and select the "Websites" tab at the top of page

Open the webpage that you are citing for you project

Copy the URL (web address - http://     ) for the webpage that you read for your report and paste it in the top box asking for website URL

Check the information in each box and make sure that EasyBib found:

1) author's name; 2) "webpage title"; 3) website title; 4) sponsoring org; 5) last date of revision/update  [if this info is missing, return to webpage to find it!)

Type in any missing webpage information in teh boxes and Click "Create Citation"

Citation Handout