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Notargiacomo - Freshman Research: EasyBib Notecards & Outline

Easy Bib: Citation Maker


1) Staple Your Draft Citation Sheet to Handout

2) View - Marissa Castelli's Notes

3) Mrs. T's Homework - ? source types for Simon;  ?? Citation (anchors??)

4) Draft Citation Sheet: Put YOUR Citation anchors in (   )

5) Notecard Slide Show

6) A few Notes for Simon - review back of handout

7) Begin YOUR notecards!

EasyBib Note Tip Sheet


A. Place pink sheet for one source and your notes/paraphrases for that source next to you

B. Click login and input your email and password

C. Click on All Projects and locate your Olympian project

D  Click on the  Notebook link under the Title of your project

E.  Thesis Box - Top right: Double click in box and type in your thesis/main idea for your paper about your Olympian.

F. After you've sorted several piles of notecards; you can give them a "Group" name & color and finally "DRAG" each pile over to your outline to create different sections of your paper!

Creating a Notecard in EasyBib Notebook -

A. Place the pink sheet for one of your sources with the notes/paraphrased info you plan to use for project next to your

B. Click login and input your email and password

C. Click on All Projects and locate your Olympian project - Make sure Thesis Box is complete

D  Click on the  Notebook link under the Title of your project

     Title: Type in the general idea this note will support

    Source: Click arrow on right and select the title of the source from your bibliography

     Quote: Leave  box blank

     Paraphrase: Type in ONE (1) piece of information from this source on your pink sheet BE SURE that your paraphrase is using your grammar and vocabulary

     Comment: leave this box blank

     Identifier: If you have a page number for a book source for this info., type it in this box

E. Click Organize in lower left corner of card; color code this "section" of your project and click  "Save Note" ; (later you can type in a group name when you stack a couple of notecards - with related ideas together)



Creating an Outline in EasyBib

1. Drag related notecards on top of each other - stack them to form a "Group" 

2) Click Edit on the notecard and Click "organize" - type in a general idea that is shared by that group giving the Group a Name

3) Make sure they're all color coded the same color

4) Drag them over to the Outline box; use the arrows to move ideas/notes up or down to change order !

It's Magic!