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DaSilva: My Left Foot Research: Websites

Using Appropriate Websites for School Research

  • No Wikipedia

  • No "Answer" websites:;; Askville;; and Yahoo Answers

  • No Blogs

  • Generally .gov and .edu sites are the most trustworthy, followed by .org and then .com

  • When you find a website you would like to use, make sure you find out the sponsor of the website.  

  • The sponsor can usually be found at the bottom of the website near the copyright date.  If it is not there, check the "Contact Us", "About Us" or "FAQs".

Google: Advanced Searching Tips

1.     Put a phrase that should remain together in quotes  (ex.  “cerebral palsy” )

2.       To search a particular domain or website, type site:domain or website before your search terms to search a particular domain.  (ex. site:gov “cerebral palsy" OR “cerebral palsy")(Note: no spaces between : and domain and/or website).

3.      To find your search terms on a webpage or document - Hit Ctrl F and type the word you are looking for in the box

Google Web Search

Finding Parts of a Website for Citations