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Grillo: Saint Project: Paraphrasing


What is Paraphrasing?

  • Putting someone else's facts and information into your own words.  
  • Because it is not your information, you must include an in-text citation to give credit to the original source.
  • You must rework the entire sentence and put in your own voice.
  • Paraphrasing is not only replacing words with synonyms.
  • Paraphrasing is not only changing the simple word order.  
  • A Good paraphrase changes the wording AND sentence structure AND includes an in-text citation.  

Original:  Ronald Reagan liked jelly beans and monkey bread.

Bad Paraphrase:  Ronald Reagan enjoyed monkey bread and jelly beans (Olver).

Better Paraphrase:  Jelly beans and monkey bread were a few of Ronald Reagan's favorite foods (Olver).

How to Paraphrase

  1. READ the material completely.
  2. JOT down notes in bullet form.
  3. DO NOT COPY notes word-for-word.
  4. SET NOTES ASIDE and write new sentence.
  5. COMPARE notes and your new sentence to make sure facts are correct.
  6. INCLUDE in-text citation.