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National History Day 2017: Credits & Captions

Credits - What should I put?

  • On your exhibit board and within your website, you need to provide a brief credit for any image (photos, artwork, letters, newspaper or magazine clippings, charts, graphs and timelines that you borrowed from a source, etc.)
  • The credit should be placed directly below the image and can be a smaller font.
  • The credit should be the name of the main "container" where you got the image.  Main "containers" are usually website titles, database titles, newspaper or magazine titles or book titles.
  • These brief credits do not count towards your word count.  


EXHIBIT BOARD - Captioning Rules

  • All quotes from written sources must be credited on the exhibit.
  • All visual sources (e.g., photographs, paintings, charts, and graphs, etc.) must be credited on the exhibit and fully cited in the annotated bibliography. 
  • Brief, factual credits do not count toward the word total. See below for an example of the difference between a credit and a caption. 

- from 2014-2015 NHD Contest Rule Book

DOCUMENTARY - Credit rules

  • At the conclusion of the documentary, you must provide a list of acknowledgments and credits for ALL sources.
  • These credits should be brief—not full bibliographic citations and not annotated. See example below.
  • You are not required to credit individual images or video clips while the documentary is playing; that is the purpose of the credits at the end.

- from 2014-2015 NHD Contest Rule Book

WEBSITE - Captioning Rules

  • Use (register for an account) to create your website
  • All quotes from written sources must be credited WITHIN the website.
  • All visual sources (photographs, videos, paintings, charts, and graphs) must be credited WITHIN the website. See below for an example. 
  • Brief, factual credits do not count toward the student-composed word total. See below for an example.
  • All sources must be properly cited in the annotated bibliography

- from 2014-2015 NHD Contest Rule Book

PAPERS - In-text Citation rules

  • In-text citations are required
  • In-text citations are used to credit the sources of specific ideas as well as direct quotations. 
  • Use MLA 7 for citation style formatting.  

For in-text citations of PRINT materials (must include page numbers):

" the problem of global warming" (Gore 10).

...scientific studies of global warming (Gore 160).

For in-text citations of WEB materials (no page numbers):

...atmospheric and economic trends ("Greenhouse Gas Emissions").


For additional in-text citation help, please consult Purdue Owl's In-text Citation page.