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Ejnes: Exploration Research: Video Credits

Documentary Credits

  • At the conclusion of the documentary, you must provide a list of acknowledgments and credits for all of your image, video and music sources.
  • These credits should be brief—NOT the full citations from your Works Cited page.
  • Generally for your credits, you should choose the name of the largest "container" for your sources.  These titles are also in italics in your full citation. 
  • Examples of large "containers" are:  
    • Website Titles,
    • Database Titles
    • Book Titles
    • Newspaper Titles
    • Magazine Titles
  • You are not required to credit individual images or video clips while the documentary is playing; that is the purpose of the credits at the end.

Example of Documentary Credits

Special Thanks:

World History in Context

Explorers and Exploration

The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center

The Age of Exploration Digital Maps Collection

The Mariner's Museum



Music by Logzijun


Documentary Example: NHD