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Grade 6: LA Library Class: Entering a Website into Noodletools

Video: How to Enter a Website into NoodleTools

Entering a Website Citation into Noodletools

How to Create a Website Citation for an Individual Article/Page in Noodletools

1. In NoodleTools, click the sources button                             to the right of the project title you want to work on.



3.  Click on the green New Source button at the top right:  



4.  Choose Website:  


5.  Then choose from the list what you are citing.  Most of the time you will choose Web Page for articles you find on Websites.   


6.  Complete the fields that NoodleTools provides.  They will vary depending on what you are citing.   

  • Fill in the URL at the top.  (Example:
  • Date of Publication is the date of the article.  If two dates are given, choose the most recent date. If you can’t find a date, leave it blank.  
  • Date of Access - click today.
  • Contributors, change role to Author.   If your article has an author, fill in their name.  If no author, leave blank. If more than one author, click on +Add Contributor and fill in their name.
  • Make sure you add the Article Title. This is often skipped by students, but you need to fill it in. 
  • Fill in Name of Website - Usually found in the top left corner or the top of the page. 
  • For the Publisher, look near the copyright date at the bottom to find the publisher.  If you cannot find it there, look for an About Us or Contact Us page.
  • If the Publisher's name is the SAME as the website title or the author, leave the publisher box blank.

7. Click on the blue SAVE button at the top.  


Practice Entering Websites