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Trissler: DigLit - 2020 Research Unit: Four Sources for Report

Required Sources

TOPICS:  "Internet Addiction"     "Driverless Cars"     "Digital Privacy"   Cyberbullying

ALL Students are Required to

a) Locate, Print, Read/Highlight

b) Save the Citations in Noodletools for these 4 Sources:

* A .gov webarticle 

* A Book (copy and read a few pages from book on your topic) - we will return to the the Library to do this research

* An Opposing Viewpoints database article

* A New York Times database article


All four sources must have publication dates between 2016-2020!


Your 4 sources must be an "Excellent Fit" = address your general topic, subtopic, and it's impact on the specific population you are researching!


.gov Webarticle

*Use Google Power Code to locate a government webarticle. String your topic search term(s) and "search phrase(s) with population and site:gov

*Open a few links to make certain there is enough information about your topic in article and that it is readable

* Use Ctrl P to print article and staple it to your Topic Handout sheet. read article and highlight @3 important facts it contains*

* Open your Noodletools project, Click Sources button, Click green Create New Citation button, Click Website ->Webpage -> copy URL of webarticle into first box.  Return to webarticle to locate date, author, title of article, website, and sponsoring organization.  Type into boxes and SAVE!

New York Times: Newspaper Article

REMEMBER our Off-Campus Login!    when accessing at home

*Use Advanced Search Link to do your search
*Enter a term or "search phrase" for your topic in first box that will search "Anywhere" in the article(s)
*Enter a term or "search phrase" for your subtopic or population in next box
*Check you want "Full Text" articles
*Publication Date: Select "Past 3 years"

Select "Newspaper Articles" from left side; you do NOT want to read and cite a blog!
*Open link to article that interests you
Use the E-TOOLS BOX to:
*Print article and staple it to your Topics Handout Sheet
*Click "Cite" Link and scroll down the Citation Style Box & scroll down to Select "MLA 8th Ed."

In Noodletools us the "Quick Cite" Shortcut for a database article (select magazine) by copying and pasting the full MLA 8th ed. citation into the box that appears and click "SAVE"



Opposing Viewpoints Database

REMEMBER our Off-Campus Login!   

*Use Advanced Keyword Search to put your topic and subtopic (or population) in top two boxes
*Control for time "After 2015"
*Open an article that interests you
*Use the Tools box to:
Print it and staple it to your Topic Worksheet

Click Citation and copy the full MLA citation into Noodletools: Open link to your project, Click "Sources", Create citation button ->Database->Magazine-*>Quick Cite "Copy and Paste citation in Box-> SAVE



Book Source

We will return to the LSA Library so you can find a section/chapter of a book about your topic.  You will use "post its" to identify the section that you want to copy from the Book.  We have several books on each of the topics and more will be placed on the Reserve Cart for your consideration!



*Select a book on your topic and use the index in the back of book to locate a few pages to read for facts

*Copy that section and staple those pages and the title page and the ISBN publication page to your packet

*Open Google acct and Noodletools

*Open project link and Click Sources -> Create Citation -> Print or in Hand -> Book

* Use Quick cite - ISBN Search for book; if located, click on publication information, click import, click continue click SAVE!

*Print Works Cited and staple as last page in your packet: Click "Print/Export" button and select Print/export to Google Docs, Print, Staple


Read and highlight 3 interesting facts and/or statistics found on pages you copied from book.