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Trissler: CIVICS 2020-21 Research Unit: Research Report Rubric & Adding Header, Title and Page #s

SAMPLE Research Report & Works Cited Page

MOST Important:  Research Report Tells a Story - has a Logical Progression!

Introduction : Why does this matter?

Factual Support

Concluding Prediction

Facts/Dates/Ideas from original sources: 

All paraphrased sentences (1 from each source in your own words) with In-text Citations for source at end of sentence!

A Works Cited Page listing the sources for information printed for last page and shared in Noodletools!

Grading Criteria

Total of 50 possible points = 1 Test Grade

Points     Requirement

5              MLA 8th Header, Page #s and Title added

                 Top Right Corner:  Page Numbers Inserted

                 Top Left Corner: MLA 8th Header with Name, DigLit Period __, Mrs. Trissler, Date

                 Center: Title of Report    


5               Double spaced report consisting of an introduction, factual evidence, and conclusion


5              Reporters voice used:  written in "3rd person" USING: it, he, she, they

                 NOT USING "1st person" (I, me, we, out)    NOR "2nd person" (you, yours)


5              Works Cited Page created in Noodletools with 4 sources:

                 - scholarly .gov webarticle

                 - NY Times article

                 - Opposing Viewpoints database article

                 - book source


                All sentences paraphrased (in you own words) NO "direct quoting" from source 

5              Paraphrased sentence from the .gov webarticle plus (in-text citation).

5              Paraphrased sentence from the NY Times article plus (in-text citation).

5              Paraphrased sentence  from Opposing Viewpoints article (in-text citation).

5              Paraphrased sentence from the book source plus (in-text citation).


5              Paper edited for spelling errord and incomplete sentences

                Paper printed and attached to rubric with Student's Name and Class Period at top of rubric


             Paper uploaded to the Research Report




Upload your paper to

-Click on Research Project Assignment

-Give your project a title

-Upload it from Google Drive


Adding Page numbers, Header and Title in Google Docs

I. Login to  

Open Project Link

Open Sources page

Select Print/Export to Google Docs

Wait for Works Cited Page to appear


II. Follow Video Instruction to Add Page #1 by Chad Griffith

NOTE: The "Carriage Return" tip after typing your name on page 1 is important!  Once you type your last name in front of the 1, place your cursor in front of your last name again and press "enter" to drop it to the next line down.  Otherwise your page numbers will be cut off when you print!


III.  Header goes below page # @ Left hand margin

Click in space underneath Header and type

Your Name

DigLit Period ___

Mrs. Trissler

Date [European Style   day Month year]


IV. Add Title of Research Report in Center

Select Center Alignment 

Type Title/Subject of Research Report


REMEMBER Return to Left Margin Alignment to begin typing your introduction!

Works Cited Page should be tabbed down to be Page 2