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Grade 7: Civil Rights Project: Newspaper Articles

Newspaper Database

Find Database Passwords on Blackbaud

To access these Databases at home/off-campus, you will need the LSA username and password.  If your forgot the username and password, they are available on Blackbaud.  
Blackbaud > Resources > Library


Step-by-Step Instructions for using NYT database

1. Open Historical Newspaper - The New York Times database and then click Advanced Search in upper left corner.


2.  Fill in search terms in boxes.  Click Add a Row  to add additional search boxes.

     Select Specific Date Range from Publication Date drop down menu and enter dates.


3.   Click Abstract/Details to read a brief summary of article to make sure it works for you.



4.  If absract looks good, then click Full text - PDF to get full article.




5. Find Cite button in top right corner to get the citation.


6.  Make sure you change the drop down menu to MLA 9th Edition - Title Casing and when copying citation DO NOT COPY the words Works Cited.