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Digital Literacy Research Resources: Home

Possible Websites and Databases for Your Research Paper

Research It Right!

This will be a several week research unit that will culminate with each student writing a very short research paper.

 Paper length: 1-2 paragraphs

Citation format:  MLA 7th ed.

You will choose to research some aspect of one (1) of these broad topics:

Cyberbullying: victim's perspective

Cyberbullying: characteristics of a cyberbully

Texting and Driving


A total of four (4) resources required:

1 academic website

1 subject specific database article

1 current article from the New York Times newspaper

1 interview (direct quote) from parent or guardian re: NY Times article


Click the "WEBSITES" or "DATABASES" tabs on this Library Guide as a starting point for your research for this 5 paragraph research paper.


WEBSITES =  Free collections of webpages that have been posted to the World Wide Web.  For this project, be sure to use ONLY "Academic Webstites" that pass the A-B-C-D-E criteria test that was reviewed in class during the last unit.


DATABASE RESOURCES = Collections of a wide variety of types of academic resources grouped together by subject/topic.  These resources are available for research only to paying subscription holders such as schools, libraries, and other organizations.


AS YOU GO . . . . .

Use Electronic Tools to print or e-mail articles to yourself, copy and paste citations etc.

a) READ all sources, and highlight the most important facts, ideas.

b) Determine which THREE (3)  sources have been most useful and of the the highest quality and eliminate the others.

c) Add the citations into your bibliography for these three sources using EasyBib