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US Conference of Catholic Bishops

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Welcome to the Junior Catholic Social Justice & Teaching RAMGuide!

Catholic Comission for Justice, Development and Peace, 2002

Ms. Echenique has charged you with publishing a creative project that will provide background, facts, and an update of current developments related to one Social Justice issue of your choice.  You will be presenting this project to your class and hopefully they will learn a great deal from you.  There are MANY ISSUES to choose from, as our world is far from perfect!


RESEARCH REQUIREMENTS: [Minimum of 4 Sources] specialized reference article; database article; (2) authoritative websites


This RAMGuide is designed to direct  you to:

1) specialized reference/encyclopedia articles on your issue

2) resources that provide current facts & statistics

3) journal articles which will enlighten you on social movements/policies that are happening today

4) a few presentation tools to choose from.  Why not add to your presentation repertoire by trying something COMPLETELY new? 


U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops