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Martinelli: Genetic Pedigree Jigsaw Presentation Resources: Home

Mrs. Martinelli's Requirements

Mrs. Martinelli's assignment is attached as a document below.  You will find a lot of information in both the scholarly websites provided (use their search boxes to locate articles on your specific topic) and also in the E-Encyclopedia articles available through Salem Health's Genetics and Inherited Diseases and Conditions, 2nd edition!

Tips on how to cite the sources you chose to use in Noodletools are also provided in the right hand column!

E- Encyclopedia Resource

To Access the Genetic and Inherited Diseases, 2nd ed. from home:

1) Open link above to Salem Health

2) Log in for remote access to the Salem Encyclopedia Library

    There will be two boxes:  Username     and       Password

    If you've forgotten them, You can find these Logins via the LSA Library E-Resources Link

    on your Portals Home Page in the "School Links and Files" box!

3) Click the Salem Health Encyclopedia Link above.

    Look in the right hand column under "Health" to locate and open the 

    Genetics and Inherited Conditions, 2nd Ed. link 

4) An Alphabetic list of the articles on all conditions will appear.  Click link on your disease/condition to read article

5) NOTE: Articles on all topics assigned, except CVID,  appear in this E-Encyclopedia!


NOODLETOOLS: Step by Step!

Link to Login page (here and button!)

I. Log in to your LSA Gmail Acct & NoodleTools

["ACCESS VIA G-Suite Office 365"


II. Create a "New Project" 

a. Type in Title = Your Genetic Disease or Condition

b. Click MLA citation format

c. Click "Junior" citation Level


III.  Return to "DASHBOARD" Tab

a. In Middle "Sharing and Collaboration Box" :  Public View - Keep Open to Public Access

b. In "Student Collaboration" Box - enter LSA email addresses of students in your group

Allow them full editing privileges by clicking the button


c. Click: 


Instead of sharing with a teacher's Inbox, share your work with fellow classmates/group members by following these directions.  After creating your project, Go to the Dashboard and in the center box look for this option:

Noodletools Help for more support


1)  (gmail) 

2)  (upper right corner)


3) Click/Select Project Link


4)  ->  


5) Select 


6) Select 


7) Return to Web Page and copy the URL & locate the date it was published/updated


8) Add/click today's date as the "Access Date" 


8) Complete/Manually type in the rest of webpage info into boxes above 


10) Click : 


1) After locating an article, Use Salem Health's E-Tools (on left orf article)

to Copy and Paste the Citation for that article

Copy MLA 8th Ed. Citation


2) Log in to your  (gmail) 

3) Open  

(upper right corner Google Suite 365)


4) Click/Open Project Link


5)  ->  


6) ->


7) Click "Copy & Paste a citation" link in upper right



8)  Paste Citation into Manual Citation Box


9) Click 

Log into your Gmail acct.

Log into Noodtools

Open link for your project

Open   button for your project

Click  button

Drop down to "Print/Export to Google Docs" option

Wait a moment and it will translate your source page into a "Beautiful" Works Cited Google Doc!!