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Lasallian Legacy Bingo Challenge: Home

The Celebration, Miracle, & a Challenge


St. John Baptist de La Salle: 1651 - 1719

Patron Saint of Teachers

Feast Day: April 7th                Canonization: 1900               Beatification: 1950  

Welcome. Work with your partner to answer the questions in 3 vertical, horizontal or diagonal boxes to achieve  B I N G O !

Drop your answer sheet in the box at lunch and you'll be eligible to enter the raffle for a very French surprise.  Good luck.

WEBSITE - La Salle Adventure Time Line

Open the Lasallian Adventure Timeline and find out what happened in the following years. Choose two dates and jot down a significant in the Lasallian story for each that took place.

1651    1667     1678    1679    1681    1682   1683    1688    1691    1709    1719    1900

"Lasallian Adventure Time - Line.",

Tricentennial Theme Song!

Celebrate! "One Heart, One Commitment, One Life" 


Who wrote the tricentenary theme song: "One Heart, One Commitment, One Life" ?  Listen and enjoy!

WEB ARTICLE - Quotes from St. John Baptist de La Salle


Under the first section "Words of the Founder" - Open the link for "100 Short Quotations . . ." document. 

Choose 2 quotes that are meaningful to your team.  Write them down.

"One Hundred Very Short Quotes by St. John Baptist de La Salle."  Walking with John Baptist   Rick Hutchison, FSC, 2006,  Christian Brother's Conference, /2012/08/100-short-quotes-of-JBDLS.pdf.

WEB ARTICLE - Global Ministries and Statistics

Visit "Where We Are" and identify the five regions and their acronyms.


Click on the cover of the Canonization circular above to access the "Declared Blessed" passage on page 26.  What justification did Pope Pius IX provide verifying John Baptist de La Salle's heroicity?   Put his reasoning in your own words.

Leo XIII, Pope. "Declared Blessed." Instructive and Administrative Circulars: Canonization of St. John Baptist de La Salle, No. 94, Institute of the Brothers of the Christian  Schools, 31 May 1900.

WEB ARTICLE - In the Footsteps of De La Salle - Biography

Beatification of Bro. James Miller FSC

Bro. James Miller FSC

On what date and location will the beatification of

Bro. James Miller take place?