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McVey: Periods A & G: Civics Research Unit: Home

Welcome to the Civics Research Unit!

 An Introduction to:

LSA Library's Electronic Resources          

Topic/Research Question -> Search Terms & "Search Phrases 

Advanced Electronic Search Techniques

              Scholarly/Academic Websites           

Noodletools Citation Generator 

 Plagiarism Prevention: Citing Your Sources



Review the LSA Library User Guide


VIDEO Reviews about

1) Accessing the Library Page

2) Library E-Tour Review

Head Librarian

Rosanne Trissler's picture
Rosanne Trissler
La Salle Academy
612 Academy Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

Research Unit Rubric



1) Be in class on time (tardy students = absent students)

Missed classes/class work are YOUR responsibility: email me 

Expect to miss class/have to leave early: email me


2) NO cell phone use during class


3) Dress code expected


4) Come w/an open mind prepared to share ideas (one person at a time!)


5) Check Google Classroom for Assignments!!! ALL Activities=10 pts

Virtual Student Netiquette Policies:

1) Be on Zoom Call no later than 5 minutes after class begins

2) Video always on: aim your camera so we can easily see your face, in dress code

3) If you turn off  Zoom Video - I will see a black screen & notify your teacher that you left 

4) NEVER hesitate to ask/answer a question!  Just Identify yourself (Hi Mrs. Trissler, this is __)