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Navigating Online Resources - Faculty PD November 20, 2015: Website Evaluaton

Look at the Top-Level Domain (Listed by trustworthiness)

  • .gov    Government website
  • .edu    College/University website (make sure not undergrad student project)
  • .org     Organization/Non-profit
  • .com   Commercial site

Credible Websites (from Hartness Library)

Finding Parts of a Website for Citations

Website Evaluation (from Ohlone College)

6 Signs You Can Do Better!

  1. Site is an “answer engine” (Yahoo Answers,,, etc.)  To help avoid getting these in your Google search, use search terms, rather than questions.
  2. The website is a blog.
  3. You don’t recognize sponsoring organization and you can’t find information on sponsor OR sponsor is not expert on the topic.
  4. Has not been updated in past year.   (This depends on your topic).  
  5. Has numerous ads, pop-ups or charges you for information.
  6. It is Wikipedia.   Wikipedia is a good starting place, especially if you are not knowledgeable about your topic. Do NOT use it as a research source.   Use the sources under References at the bottom of Wikipedia article to find more information.

- Adapted from Blue Valley Southwest Library